About Us

BONA FIDE law firm Skopje was founded by integrating the four law offices into the single integrated law firm to helped shape of defined specialization of the legal profession. The modern trends require dynamic operation of the business sector imposing the need for quality and timely servicing of the clients thus providing legal services from different areas, representation in proceeding of different business transactions, legal support in the day to day operations and other various projects and activities.

The diversity of the knowledge gained by each of our attorneys allows us to provide various legal services that inter alia include: Representing our clients in front of competent courts and administrative authorities, Preparation of legal documents, Legal advices, Creation of the Companies and its corporate change thereto, M&A, Transformation, Bankruptcy, Corporate Governance, Competition, Insurance, Banking, Securities, Intellectual property, Labor law, Real Estate, Construction and Infrastructure, Regulatory, Insolvency and Restructure, Energy and Mineral Raw Materials, and IT.

The BONA FIDE Law Firm has established a regular cooperation with renowned attorneys and law firms from Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and USA.

For the purpose of maximally effective approach to meet the needs of our clients, the Law Firm has established collaboration with notary offices, public executive offices and authorized appraisers.

BONA FIDE Law Firm implements a model of organizational structure that provides straight record of the implemented projects, the deadlines and duties that allows preparing periodical and updated reports for the need of the Law Firm as well as for the need of our clients. As a full-service law firm, it is our aim to develop the professional ethics as one of the fundamental values of the Law Firm proudly empowering our name originates from the Latin expression “bona fide” meaning good faith/ intention, sincere and honest behavior.